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During her years as a teen she discovers a love so pure, meanigful, and one sided or so she thinks.When her love leaves the country unexpectedly she then tries to mend her broken heart by being swept up by a love not so pure and it's a story of love between two completely different characters !

The drama may be a little dated, but the story of a spinster never gets old.

Park Shin-hye stars in this drama as Go Mi-nam, a young woman set to become a nun who's suddenly thrown into the K-pop world to save her twin brother's spot in the popular K-pop group A. This drama is as fantastical as #Harry Potter is magical. This drama packs a lot of cheese, but is well worth it in the end.

The most talked about Korean drama of 2007, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, commonly known as #Coffee Prince, is another gender-bender featuring a talented cast including South Korea's biggest star this year #Gong Yoo.

If Scent of a Woman made you cry, then Secret will tear your heart out, put it back in, then repeat the process until you wonder how you're still alive.

Hwang Jung-eum delivers an award-winning performance as Kang Yoo-jeong, a woman who takes the blame for a hit-and-run accident where Jo Min-hyuk's lover is killed.

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