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Nonetheless, since her Dalmatian was among the sought after breeds in India I found it hard to understand her why it was so difficult to find him a mate. They may also tell you that female dogs are more difficult to keep because you must always shield them from having an affair with a stray dog with no pedigree, which might result in mongrel puppies which are of little value.

They view this much like the way parents have to shield a daughter from casual affairs that might shame the family.

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There is no doubt that people all over the world love their dogs, however various cultures have developed some interesting obsessions and customs pertaining to their pets.

The current situation in India was explained to me by a social scientist who was visiting my university.

Understanding Dogs for Dummies, Sleep Thieves, The Left-hander Syndrome it was a good post...what do you think about this one... Author you can also give it a try...let me know if u 'LIKE'd it You really have a good feel on this topic, and the way you wrote about it made it both entertaining to read, and informative at the same time.As happens around the world the dog becomes a member of the family and therefore becomes a target for all of the family's cultural beliefs and practices. After all the dog is like family, like a child, and as in human families in my country, it is still the case that male children are more prized.Given the importance of marriage in the Indian culture, it thus becomes important that the family dog should be wed to another of its own breed. If you ask many of the dog owners I know in Delhi they will tell you that they prefer a male dog because females are messier-they are talking about their menstrual periods.I wasn't really thinking about why I was doing so, it just seemed proper that my dog should be male "Now, because of the difficulty of finding marriage partners, female dogs are rising in value.But we still have to do extra things if we want our dogs to marry-to have a family-or at least bond to a mate as fate requires.

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