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When something is personal in your mind, you may share it on a channel that you feel safe on, such as Facebook.The site does give you some controls on who can see what.There’s a disconnect for some parents when it comes to the Internet, as in the people we interact with online are somehow not “real.” That “ignorance” can hurt the development of our senses on how to treat others in general. Some people feel like they need to, or should, share very private moments, like an engagement, or the birth of a child. Once you share, you lose control of where it goes and what gets said about it, though.When Marissa Mayer announced her pregnancy right after becoming the latest CEO of Yahoo!There’s no such thing as full-on “privacy” on the Internet. A good-old-fashioned photo in a scrapbook, passed around one by one at the dinner table during the holidays.If you see someone try to pull out their phone to snap a photo for Instagram purposes, you can say “HEY!is a public company, and sometimes, private information needs to be shared so that those who are invested in the company can know all of the details.Clearly, Mayer has handled becoming both a new mother and a CEO extremely well thus far.

I don’t care what types of controls a social network gives you.Yes, this all sounds very conflated, and yes, Facebook privacy controls are about as easy to understand as left-handed scissors for a right-handed person.However, somewhere in this big news cycle, publications started to tell the story that said Facebook CEO’s sister clearly didn’t understand Facebook’s privacy controls.Just because you see something on the Internet doesn’t make it “public.” When something is shared personally, that doesn’t mean that you have to run to thousands of people to show them, too. Now that a lot of Internet-native folks are growing up and having families of their own, they are now understanding the value of having a personal life being able to share it with their friends via the Internet.Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend's photo publicly. Being completely public isn’t good, and being completely private isn’t good either.

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