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As a result of this, I have been told by many of my ex girlfriends (I am one of those people who has remained friends with almost all his exes) that I broke their hearts and I was “the guy that got away” for them.Strangely, my attentive, but driven dating self was way more desirable than my asshole self?The more we talked the more I started to get a different view of the way she saw him.Then one day, in an unguarded and candid moment, she pronounced, “He is such a pussy.” I did not hear much after that because I remember being taken aback by it a little bit.It has been said that, “good guys finish last.” I am not a fan of these “rule of thumb” statements.They rarely represent the entire story, yet often get it completely wrong.Interestingly, with this particular relationship, the more strong, steadfast and unattached to outcome I was (the real Jade), the closer she wanted to be.The more vulnerable, communicative, accommodating and needy I was, the more she recoiled.

It was more I was extremely confident, had plans and goals and did not really have much time for women or dating. She called me an asshole on more than a few occasions. I did not take the time to communicate any of this to her. I went out of my way to let the women I was with know they were beautiful and I appreciated them. Despite that, I still was way more driven and into my goals than I was any woman. I did not cheat or go outside of the relationships, but they were also not my top priority.

It was a strange thing for me since I was not used to this.

But looking back, I think I know exactly what happened.

If you think about this from the evolutionary perspective you will realize it makes sense.

An alpha male, the one who leads a pack, must be both a lover and a fighter.

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