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Katy said: 'I always pack assuming I will have to carry everything on my back, the whole trip. You learn what your true essentials are.' As well as a decent knife and a small amount of cash - you never know when you might need to go into a village - here are some of the items Katy never leaves home without...'The beauty of the Rickshaw Run is you go past the people living their ordinary lives. I had been to a few places and seen a few things but not like that.And for the ones like me who didn't get that chance, I'd make resources available to learn later in life.'I think learning netball in PE is all well and good, but we should learn some scouting, survival and engineering skills.

Katie said: 'The team had ridden vintage Ural motorcycles 1,500km north in temperatures as low as -44C.We love to throw in a bit of lesbian analingus or anal fingering to change things up. Rylsky Art – Site Rip The most beautiful nude amateur softcore models in the world: at Rylsky Art they are our inspiration, our obsession, our reason for being.Fresh, natural, and completely uninhibited, the girls of Rylsky Art are uniquely beautiful as individuals, but they all share one quality: they are real.It threw my own career into sharp relief, I was literally just showing up and waiting for time to pass.'Nine months later she was invited to come and 'help out' for a 'couple of weeks' in the lead up to the 2010 event. 'Astonishing': Katy reclines in front of a fleet of Urals at the launch of the 2015 Ice Run near Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia. Katy and her friend spent the week travelling down Upper Delger Moron River, in north western Mongolia, and came across just four people and six days.She said: 'The lake is a mile deep and the ice is around 80cm thick, and so clear you can see down 40 metres and experience vertigo''I think there are moments when you think: 'This is at the absolute limit of what I can accept',' Katy said, whether it be through exhaustion, discomfort or hunger. The pair set off on what they believed to be the final day of paddling only to realise hours later that they were some 20km short of where they thought.

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