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Emotional fallout from their shooting prompts Hill and Renko to briefly consider splitting up.

Belker agrees to a blind date at his mother's urging, proving a source of amusement to his collar, the bald pickpocket.

Ref – C Mc Allister (Cork) John Fallon Amid reports more than one Liam Mac Carthy Cup has been sighted around Galway, Croke Park have said they would be very concerned if replicas are being used and masqueraded as the real trophy.

Sportsdesk Munster supporters have been handed another short straw by Champions Cup organisers after confirmation that they will be forced to endure a second Sunday clash in France this season.

"Hill Street Station" The series gets off to a powerful start as stalwart Hill Street Precinct Capt.

Frank Furillo endures a string of personal and professional crises.

Clare corner-back Conor O’Halloran was sent off in the last minute when he earned his second yellow card for hauling down Barry Nash, but by then it was a procession for Limerick, who now go on to meet the winner of tonight’s semi-final between Waterford and Cork in the decider on July 26.

After this Limerick are still untested after big wins over Tipperary and Clare, but had Casey, Gillane and Tom Morrissey not missed gilt-edged chances for goals, it would have been far worse.

And to top it all off, he endures a personal clash with Davenport.

Frank consults Joyce after Fay - in a letter from her attorney - threatens to garnish his wages for more child support.

A dirty cop involved in a drug buy offers the troubled La Rue a bribe - then frames him when he attempts to return the money.

Clare – K Nugent; C O’Halloran, D Walsh, C Cooney; C Smyth, B O’Gorman, R Hayes; J Mc Carthy, M O’Malley; D Fitzgerald, C Corbett, B Cahilll; I Galvin, A Shanagher, B Connors.

Subs: M Moloney for Smyth (18), M O’Shea for Corbett (40), P O’Loughlin for Hayes (42), C Noonan for Cahill (56), J Cunningham for B O’Gorman (59).

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