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Also known as a feed reader" (Blubrry: Blogging and Podcasting Terms section). Aggregators work together with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.

Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools Advancements in technology, principally Web 2.0, social software, and digital tools, have challenged what it means to be educated and how we proceed to educate our youth in a culture where innovation and creativity, lifelong learning, personalization (my own learning space), and knowledge from and with the collective vie for a rightful place. Patricia Deubel's Crossroads in Education: Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools in As technology is continually evolving with new tools and their applications, new terms like "Web 3.0" and "Web 4.0" have emerged with various definitions of them.Technology therefore has a role to play through supporting improved social thinking (e.g.providing systems to mediate decision making and collective reasoning) and also through providing tools to help individuals externalize their thinking and so to shape their own social worlds” (p. Robert Kuhn (2000), an expert in brain research, indicated that few people really understand the complex nature of how technology is transforming thinking.Sections contain relevant opening essays and resources.The dynamics of the learning process are influenced in turn by the ways people think: rational versus creative; deductive versus inductive; logic versus perception; analysis versus synthesis. It is also affected by our emotional state, attitudes, and experiences.

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So what kind of new thinking is technology engendering? With an increasing number of diverse ideas circulating freely and widely, and with people more empowered but with less time to assess value, and with vast communications amplifying opinions, this new thinking is at once creative and innovative, volatile and turbulent.” (Kuhn, 2000, sec: Concluding Remarks).

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