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And then by the time the relationship inevitably ends, they are in their mid-forties already and what does that do to that woman, especially if she really wants to have a family?! But it’s not helping me that you ask me every time I see you. In Style: What if that happens in a social setting? RS: It’s a problem because if you put too much pressure on someone, it could create a problem in the relationship.

Going to family functions or holidays, inevitably, they’ll be asked, are you dating anyone, what’s going on with you? It’s OK to start a discussion with your partner, where is this relationship going and are we both on the same page?

And of course I always say to my clients, that’s not a good reason to be in a relationship.You just hear them talk like they've been best friends for 20 years.So that's a good sign." asked Cole if he and Lili were dating offscreen, he gave a vague answer that didn't confirm or deny anything. People have wanted every actor on this show to be in a union that they could make real and talk about....Lili posted an adorable video of them goofing on behind-the-scenes on people, and they always enjoy each other's company.I wish them the best."Then, when the reporter asked he thought Cole and Lili have a "special connection," he said: "It seems like it.

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