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The anti-mass migration populist leader of the FPÖ spoke on the “state of the nation” at the Austrian parliament and used the opportunity to blast German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling her “the most dangerous woman in Europe”, reports Mr.Merkel is the most powerful woman in the European Union (EU), the actions of the German Chancellor were “criminal”.Strache, along with the leader of the Af D Frauke Petry, has made a conscious effort to form alliances with other anti-mass migration parties and politicians like French Front National Leader Marine Le Pen under the banner of the Patriot Spring, a term coined by Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders.

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Strache also hit out at the “welcome culture” he claimed that Merkel had fostered with her slogan “wir schaffen das”, or “we can do it”, saying that it helped “launch the largest migration of peoples for centuries”.

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