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The second egg hatched after a long time during which period Vinata was the servant of her sister as she had lost a bet with her.When the second egg hatched, a fully grown, shining and of mighty sized bird form emerged as Garuda, the king of birds. One day, Vinata entered into and lost a foolish bet, as a result of which she became enslaved to her sister.Taking the water of many rivers into his mouth, he extinguished the protective fire the gods had thrown up.Reducing his size, he crept past the rotating blades of their murderous machine. Garuda promised that once he had delivered the elixir, thus fulfilling the request of the serpents, he would make it possible for Indra to regain possession of the elixir and to take it back to the gods.

It is also said that Garuda's wings when flying will chant the Vedas.Garuda is known as the eternal sworn enemy of the Nāga serpent race and known for feeding exclusively on snakes, such behavior may have referred to the actual short-toed eagle of India.The image of Garuda is often used as the charm or amulet to protect the bearer from snake attack and its poison, since the king of birds is an implacable enemy and "devourer of serpent".They had ringed the elixir with a massive fire that covered the sky.They had blocked the way to the elixir with a fierce mechanical contraption of sharp rotating blades.

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